About this Course

Developing an enriching, inward relationship … with your organically operational, gifted-genius … makes for more fun, more calm and endless opportunities.

  • With refreshing simplicity and empowering connectedness this course; will connect you experientially with the more deeply seated Natural Gifts.

  • With its embodied practices, breathwork and practical immersion … enrichment is equally accessible for the novice, to the spiritually enhanced and consciously advanced.

A self-paced micro-mastery program and Primary Gifts assessment that walks you through a naturally generous pathway; into the freeing world of transcending ‘what was’; embracing with gifted curiosity of ‘what is’ and leading from the emerging future as it presents itself … towards greater enhancement with your extraordinary confidence and courageous competence.

Note: This VBC course offering is created as a ‘recognised’ micro-mastery module of our “Mastering Anew Consciousness” certification program  (*RPL Certificate of Completion: see Bonus below)

About the Authors

Julie Allan & Steve Smith

Co-Founders, OPP Australia Pty Ltd

Julie and Steve’s most consistent feedback is that participants experience exponential and complete, whole-of-body, total relief … emphasising a fully supported; big, giant outbreath. 

Closely followed with a seamless approach to Breathing real-life into an enterprise; expanding revenues with agile enthusiasm; vital to longevity. 

They diligently commit to lifetime-freedoms and equanimity that ‘Genius of the Gifts’ offer and where the magic of the numbers happen. Co-building alongside a wealth of leaders all passionate about wellness; enterprise freedoms and circulating revenues that honour all Life. Beautiful business that is fair and just.

Julie and Steve delight in utilising their vast personal and professional experience to facilitate programs that enable clients to succeed in ways that transcend beyond their thinking-feeling bubble.

This is offered with two streams: “Our Natural Gifts” and “Business in-a Business”; interdependently weaving with revenue expansion and with organic, natural intelligence.

Course Outline

Module 1: Bio-calming your way to the Genius of your Primary Gifts 

Module 2: Navigating the pilot seat of your Primary Gifts

Module 3: Primary Gifts ‘leading power from the source’

Module 4: Crossing the Threshold of the First Bridge

Module 5: Introduction to ‘Seamless Gifts to Business Integration”

Bonus/Free Gifts:

  1. Bonus Recordings
  2. Certificate of Completion
  3. Gifts Assessment

And as a thank you, you will also have a Gifts Assessment (valued at $597)!